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CHE-279.185.857, 22.11.2021
Neuhofstrasse 5A 6340 Baar


The purpose of the company is to provide advice and trade in cryptocurrencies and financial services. The company can set up branches at home and abroad, participate in other companies of any kind, take on representation, and enter into all transactions and conclude contracts that may be suitable for promoting the company's purpose; or that are directly or indirectly related to it. It can also enter into loans for its own account or for someone else's account, as well as guarantees and lien transactions for affiliated companies and third parties. It can acquire, lease, rent, encumber and sell real estate at home and abroad. The company can acquire, hold, manage or sell any type of debt or securities, within Switzerland or abroad.


The notifications to the shareholders are made by letter, fax or email.
Baar, Switzerland
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