Automated cryptocurrency income with the help of algorithms
Our product is a group of bots that trade cryptocurrency using Market Maker strategies
High operating speed
Because of the optimised algorithms
Low exchange fees
Due to big transaction volume
C & Ruby
High perfomance code and convenient programming language
Highly scalable database
Telegram bots
Enabling you to keep your finger on the pulse
We work in real time with the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange
Treddy takes automated trading to a whole new level
Focus on safety — multilevel system of funds protection, continuous system audit
Conservative, yet highly profitable strategy — stable & reliable projected profit
Not a single unprofitable month since the launch of the current bot in October 2019
Our bot can create abnormal return
Biggest monthly investment return amounted to 10.6%
Transparent statistics
Access to a Telegram bot showing period statistics for any time
Monthly reports
We show details reports about bot's actions as well as general market overview
Full protection of your investments
Protection from cyber attacks on crypto exchanges

Binance transfers part of its monthly profit into a fund that compensates the losses in case of a cyber attack
Protection from cyber attacks on Treddy cryptowallets
Treddy has several protected devices disconnected from the Internet and wireless networks that generate encryption keys

Protection from sudden market fluctuations

In case of market anomalies the trading stops automatically on the maximum daily loss of 0.5%. The loss is compensated by the previous profitable days
Insurance for other risk exposures

Treddy transfers part of the monthly profit into its own fund that later compensates for the money loss

Thanks to trade automation

yearly profitability reaches >30% on our platform


1 BTC investment return was 36.18% or 0.36 BTC


100,000 USD investment return was 24.26% or 24,268 USD

Our partners
We work with trustworthy cryptocurrency trading platforms
your money
works for you
Baar, Switzerland
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